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Maldives consist of thousands of small islands scattered over the Indian Ocean. Since the beginning of the tourism industry in the Maldives, it has always been that a property or hotel is built on one such island dedicated to that hotel. While today there are numerous hotels in the capital Male', and other regional islands, still the norm is to have an island for one hotel/resort.

Another accommodation option is live-aboard, or cruising boats.

  • Resorts   ( 25 Articles )

    Resorts of the Maldives. A full list of Resort Islands in the Maldives.

    This is a list of Resort Islands in the Maldives. Most are built on a dedicated island for the resort, while very few are built on a inhabited island with locals.

  • Live-aboard   ( 12 Articles )

    This is the best and most fun way to explorer the many beauties that Maldives have to offer. Hop on to a liveaboard or a cruising ship. You can choose from diving safaries, surfing safaries, to just cruising to experience the exotic beauty of the country first hand.

  • Hotels   ( 2 Articles )

    Hotels in the traditional sense are increasing mainly in the capital Male'. In addition to this guest houses and motels are also being opened all over the country to cater for the demand of domestic tourism and also the number of foreign workers that travel and stay in the remote islands.